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My name is Jean-Michel, I am currently based in Lyon (France) as the Head Of Technology of Per Angusta within an awesome team ❤. I like to get and to share skills in Web development. Find below a summary of the events that influenced me.

Jean-Michel Gigault / Committed Engineers Blog

Writer @Committed Engineers Blog

Lyon, France
From 07 February 2020 to Now

32 yo
10.9 months

Committed Engineers is a Tech blog edited by an enthusiastic team of developers at Per Angusta.
In February 2020, I decided to launch this blog with my team in order to improve our visibility and to facilitate hiring.
Thus, the main objective is to provide my team with a way of shining over the Web :-)

English Blog Open Source

Jean-Michel Gigault / Lyon.rb

Organizer @Lyon.rb

Lyon, France
From 01 March 2019 to Now

31 yo
1.8 years

Lyon.rb is a Ruby developers community in Lyon (France).
Since March 2019, I have been co-organizing regular events with my colleagues from Per Angusta and the Ruby community in Lyon.
These events are opportunities to present talks and develop knowledge sharing among community members.

Community Open Source

Jean-Michel Gigault / Per Angusta

Head of Technology @Per Angusta

Lyon, France
From 01 January 2017 to Now

29 yo
4.0 years

Per Angusta is a SaaS Procurement performance management software editor.
No more waste time consolidating Excel files to track and report on your results anymore: Our solution is easy to use, robust and collaborative, built by buyers for the buyers.
This is my current position and I am responsible for the development roadmap as a Lead Developer.

SaaS Ruby Postgres API Management Leadership

Jean-Michel Gigault / Ça va jazzer

Dancer @Ça va jazzer

Montpellier, France
From 06 July 2013 to Now

26 yo
7.5 years

"Ça va jazzer" is a show featuring musicians and tap dancers Eric Scialo, Audrey Isnard and I by the Compagnie Les Enjoliveurs.
The show retraces the evolution of tap dancing through different paintings according to the chronology of Jazz.

Tap Dance

Jean-Michel Gigault
Lyon, France +33 6 51 15 98 82
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