Curriculum Vitae

Jean-Michel Gigault / Lyon English Toastmasters

Member @Lyon English Toastmasters

Lyon, France
From 09 April 2019 to Now

31 yo

Lyon English Toastmasters is an "Only in English Speaking" Association in Communication and Leadership.
We have Two Monthly Meetings at the iaelyon (Jean Moulin University) and also a Third Monthly Meeting at the Mairie 6eme Lyon.
Toastmasters International's workshops help members improve their speaking and leadership skills since 1924 by attending one of the 16,400 clubs, totaling 352,000 members in 141 countries that makes up our global network.

English Public speaking Leadership

Jean-Michel Gigault / Lyon.rb

Organizer @Lyon.rb

Lyon, France
From 01 March 2019 to Now

31 yo

Lyon.rb is a Ruby developers community in Lyon (France).
Since March 2019, I have been co-organizing regular events with my colleagues from Per Angusta and the Ruby community in Lyon.
These events are opportunities to present talks and develop knowledge sharing among community members.

Community Open Source

Jean-Michel Gigault / Per Angusta

Head of Technology @Per Angusta

Lyon, France
From 01 January 2017 to Now

29 yo
2.7 years

Per Angusta is a SaaS Procurement performance management software editor.
No more waste time consolidating Excel files to track and report on your results anymore: Our solution is easy to use, robust and collaborative, built by buyers for the buyers.
This is my current position and I am responsible for the development roadmap as a Lead Developer.

SaaS Ruby Postgres API Management Leadership

Jean-Michel Gigault / 42ShellTester

Contributor @42ShellTester

Paris, France
From 01 January 2016 to Now

28 yo
3.7 years

42ShellTester is an integration testing framework wrote in Bash and designed for the pedagogical projects of the Shell branch at School 42 (Paris).

Shell-scripting Open Source

Jean-Michel Gigault / 42MapGenerator

Creator @42MapGenerator

Paris, France
From 01 June 2015 to Now

28 yo
4.2 years

42MapGenerator is an interactive prompt providing topography data.
42MapGenerator is a tiny bash script developed at School 42 (Paris) for downloading and generating maps of the real world, the Earth's moon and the planet Venus for the pedagogical project Fil de Fer (FdF).

Shell-scripting API Open Source

Jean-Michel Gigault / 42FileChecker

Creator @42FileChecker

Paris, France
From 01 January 2015 to Now

27 yo
4.7 years

42FileChecker is a personal project aiming to help students to succeed their C-programming projects.
It is a tiny bash script for testing and checking the files according to the rules of the subjects.

Unix C-Programming Shell-scripting Open Source

Jean-Michel Gigault / Ça va jazzer

Dancer @Ça va jazzer

Montpellier, France
From 06 July 2013 to Now

26 yo
6.2 years

"Ça va jazzer" is a show featuring musicians and tap dancers Eric Scialo, Audrey Isnard and I by the Compagnie Les Enjoliveurs.
The show retraces the evolution of tap dancing through different paintings according to the chronology of Jazz.

Tap Dance

Jean-Michel Gigault / Buy Tickets Platform

Creator @Buy Tickets Platform

Montpellier, France
From 01 January 2013 to Now

25 yo
6.7 years

Buy Tickets Platform allows tap dancers to book and pay online their registration to the Tap Festival in Montpellier.


Jean-Michel Gigault / Claquettes en Vogue

Active Member @Claquettes en Vogue

Montpellier, France
From 09 November 2005 to Now

18 yo
13.8 years

Fascinated by the art of tap dancing since the age of 10, I am actively involved in the organisation "Claquettes en Vogue" in Montpellier, motivated by the desire to promote this art through performances and local events often charitable.
I got hired as an active member as soon as my legal age permitted, mainly responsible for the Web services and communications (Registration platforms, website and social networks) and spending my free time to help the community.

Volunteering Collaboration Tap Dance

Jean-Michel Gigault / Homemade CMS

Creator @Homemade CMS

Montpellier, France
From 01 January 2005 to Now

17 yo
14.7 years

I built a homemade Content Management System to provide nonprofit organizations with a tool to manage their own websites, to publish their news and activity planning.


Jean-Michel Gigault
Lyon, France +33 6 51 15 98 82
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