Curriculum Vitae

My name is Jean-Michel, I am currently based in Lyon (France) as the Head Of Technology of Per Angusta within an awesome team ❤. I like to get and to share skills in Web development. Find below a summary of the events that influenced me.

Jean-Michel Gigault / Per Angusta

Head of Technology @Per Angusta

Lyon, France
From 01 January 2017 to Now

29 yo
4.0 years

Per Angusta is a SaaS Procurement performance management software editor.
No more waste time consolidating Excel files to track and report on your results anymore: Our solution is easy to use, robust and collaborative, built by buyers for the buyers.
This is my current position and I am responsible for the development roadmap as a Lead Developer.

SaaS Ruby Postgres API Management Leadership

Jean-Michel Gigault / Baasile IO

Entrepreneur @Baasile IO

Paris, France
From 01 January 2016 to 31 December 2017

28 yo
2.0 years

Baasile IO simplifies the exchange of data between services and data providers by acting as a trusted third party. Redeploy the saved resources to the enhancement of data!
The project is born at 42 school during a training program with partners like the incubator Creative Valley, the prestigious school ENA and the French ministry of Labor. Now developed within the cooperative of entrepreneurs Port Parallèle based in Paris.


Jean-Michel Gigault / Per Angusta

Intern @Per Angusta

Lyon, France
From 01 July 2015 to 31 December 2015

28 yo

I got hired for a 6 months internship as Ruby on Rails developer at Per Angusta, a French startup editing a SaaS Procurement performance management software. This experience gave me concrete skills in frameworks, continuous integration and test-driven development. I achieved my objectives in 3 months and passed the following months bringing new ideas to the team and releasing new features.

SaaS Ruby Postgres

Jean-Michel Gigault / Claquettes en Vogue

Tap Instructor @Claquettes en Vogue

Montpellier, France
From 01 September 2009 to 30 June 2014

22 yo
4.8 years

Following my training of Tap Dance technique and improvisation since my teens, I explored the way of instruction as an employee of the organisation "Claquettes en Vogue" in Montpellier between 2009 and 2014.

Pedagogy Tap Dance

Jean-Michel Gigault / Pokchips

Developer @Pokchips

Gennevilliers, France
From 01 February 2007 to 30 April 2014

19 yo
7.2 years is one of the first great E-commerce platform of poker equipment in France.
During 7 years, I was responsible for carrying out three major versions of the site, based on a LAMP architecture and a front/back-end entirely homemade. This experience has strengthened my will to learn freely and autonomously, as I was the unique dev, and allowed me to touch all sides of the development of E-commerce solutions (SEO, user interfaces, databases, integration with other solutions, server maintenance, security).

PHP MySQL Apache E-Commerce

Jean-Michel Gigault
Lyon, France +33 6 51 15 98 82
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