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My name is Jean-Michel, I am currently based in Lyon (France) as the Head Of Technology of Per Angusta within an awesome team โค. I like to get and to share skills in Web development. Find below a summary of the events that influenced me.

Jean-Michel Gigault / Committed Engineers Blog

Writer @Committed Engineers Blog

Lyon, France
From 07 February 2020 to Now

32 yo

Committed Engineers is a Tech blog edited by an enthusiastic team of developers at Per Angusta.
In February 2020, I decided to launch this blog with my team in order to improve our visibility and to facilitate hiring.
Thus, the main objective is to provide my team with a way of shining over the Web :-)

English Blog Open Source

Jean-Michel Gigault / Lyon.rb

Organizer @Lyon.rb

Lyon, France
From 01 March 2019 to Now

31 yo
1.8 years

Lyon.rb is a Ruby developers community in Lyon (France).
Since March 2019, I have been co-organizing regular events with my colleagues from Per Angusta and the Ruby community in Lyon.
These events are opportunities to present talks and develop knowledge sharing among community members.

Community Open Source

Jean-Michel Gigault / SGMAP

Developer @SGMAP

Paris, France
From 01 April 2016 to 30 June 2016

28 yo

The public institution SGMAP supports the creation of new digital services through startups incubation and partnerships.
I worked in partnership with School 42 and SGMAP (General Secretariat for the Modernization of Public Action) on a project aiming to exploit the new opportunities brought to citizens by the CPA, a career personal account, which is the flagship project of the new Labour Law. We are developing new web services for citizens in order to facilitate consultation and use of their personal rights, bringing them more security in their professional careers. My team and I are responsible for creating a secured API that provides personal data to the Services.

Node.JS API Open Source

Jean-Michel Gigault / weSH

Contributor @weSH

Paris, France
From 01 January 2016 to 31 December 2016

28 yo

weSH is a collective project for programming a Unix command-line interpreter (shell).
Work on a complete Shell implementation that supports job control, redirections, subshells, advanced command lines (pipes, inhibitors, variables) and an enhanced interactive mode through the terminal capabilities.

Unix C-Programming Open Source

Jean-Michel Gigault / 42ShellTester

Contributor @42ShellTester

Paris, France
From 01 January 2016 to 31 December 2017

28 yo
2.0 years

42ShellTester is an integration testing framework wrote in Bash and designed for the pedagogical projects of the Shell branch at School 42 (Paris).

Shell-scripting Open Source

Jean-Michel Gigault / 42MapGenerator

Creator @42MapGenerator

Paris, France
From 01 June 2015 to 31 December 2017

28 yo
2.6 years

42MapGenerator is an interactive prompt providing topography data.
42MapGenerator is a tiny bash script developed at School 42 (Paris) for downloading and generating maps of the real world, the Earth's moon and the planet Venus for the pedagogical project Fil de Fer (FdF).

Shell-scripting API Open Source

Jean-Michel Gigault / 42FileChecker

Creator @42FileChecker

Paris, France
From 01 January 2015 to 31 December 2017

27 yo
3.0 years

42FileChecker is a personal project aiming to help students to succeed their C-programming projects.
It is a tiny bash script for testing and checking the files according to the rules of the subjects.

Unix C-Programming Shell-scripting Open Source

Jean-Michel Gigault / HelioFlash

Creator @HelioFlash

Montpellier, France
From 01 January 2003 to 31 December 2008

15 yo
6.0 years was a personal project aiming to help newbies learning how to use Adobe Flash software (originally developed by Macromedia), a project I carried out during my youth for many years.
It is my early main project in my life as a passionate of Web development. I literally felt in love of interactive websites mixing smooth user interface and database interaction.
The website was receiving more than 150 unique visitors per day during its peak of popularity.

Flash ActionScript PHP MySQL Open Source

Jean-Michel Gigault
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